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Device Types

  • FreeRun: When power is applied, both the horn and strobe will run
  • Selectable: When power is applied, the horn will run always. The strobe can flash on it's own, or with SmartSync depending on a DIP Switch setting
  • Syncable: Horn will operate when power is applied, but strobe will only flash when power is removed
  • SmartSync: Requires an IDNAC compatible Simplex Panel/Power Supply, or a SmartSync module such as the 4905-9938 to operate Horn or Strobe
  • Addressable: For use only with high-end Simplex Panels, such as the 4100U
  • ES: Requires a Simplex 4007ES, 4010ES, or 4100ES for operation

***Remember never to apply Full Wave Rectified (FWR) to a Simplex Horn/Strobe! Filtered DC is critical!***