Zach - Content Creator & IT Director

Zach is a trained technician who formerly worked in the Fire Alarm industry doing primarily inspections and service. He is still involved with alarm systems and has a large collection of devices.

Johann - Content Creator & Editing Director

Johann has been an avid life safety systems enthusiast for the better part of a decade, and has been producing videos since 2011. With experience in both the Sony and Adobe suites of products, he enjoys lending a creative hand in telling stories through video.

Robert - Content Creator

Robert has been a fire protection and life safety enthusiast since 2010, and has been producing videos since 2018. A student of Oklahoma State University's Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology program, he is passionate about furthering his knowledge in the field of fire protection.

Katy - Graphic Design & Animation Specialist

While Katy would not call herself an expert in fire alarm and life safety systems, she is a graphic design professional with specialization in the digital arts. Katy works to provide all animation and graphics used on The Fire Panel.