Fire Alarm Tech

Welcome to the Fire Alarm Tech website!

This website was created by Fire Alarm Tech, a trained technician who formerly worked in the Fire Alarm industry doing primarily inspections and service. Alongside that job, he is still a hobbyist of alarm systems and has a large collection of alarms from all different brands and periods in time! As part of his hobby, he makes videos for others to find and hopefully be inspired from, while learning some things along the way.

He is currently working on expanding the Wiki section of this website to have a full set of Fire Alarm related information that both hobbyists and professionals in the industry can freely use in order to obtain a larger knowledge base of alarm systems. By combining his YouTube channel with this, instructional videos of alarms in all aspects will be available in the future. As these videos begin to come out, they will be applied to the associated page in the wiki.

If you have not already, be sure to subscribe to Fire Alarm Tech's YouTube Channel to see the videos as they come out.